We are one of a kind. Our Spanish-language program is housed in our own uniquely designed platform called the Virtual Language Laboratory. Inside, we provide original content, free resources for extended learning, opportunities for collaboration, and live weekly classes. Combining live classes with virtual resources and activities, Community Spanish is the best way for people with active lifestyles and deep motivation to learn Spanish! Each course is personalized to the needs and motivations of students within that course and is structured with an underlying curriculum we specially designed for fast and fun language learning. This is the most dynamic, collaborative, and effective Spanish class you will ever take! Learn more below about our classes and enrollment. 

  • Dynamic live classes 
  • Hours of optional independent practice
  • Access to authentic resources
  • Accountability through new virtual friends

What Sets Us Apart

Our classes are personalized and responsive to your needs! Everything you learn and all the activities you complete are useful and relevant to your ability to communicate in Spanish. We combine the best of conversational classes with real-world grammar and vocabulary in an immersive learning experience. Our globally accessible live classes unite you with others who are excited and motivated to learn Spanish in order to build accountability through friendship and community.  

How It Works

Our personalized courses last 10 weeks, combining weekly hour-long live classes with 20+ hours of optional independent work. Each week, we meet for a conversational, informative, and fun Spanish class. Then, you gain access to diverse resources and innovative activities designed for authentic language learning through real-world immersion in Spanish. You create community with other students through a private and secure social-media group that provides direct access to your instructor. Learn more or enroll below!

Celebrate Día de los Muertos with us!

Join our 3-day live celebration of Day of the Dead starting October 31st!

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Joseph A. Pearson, M.Ed.

Our founder and lead instructor

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