My Journey

I grew up near San Diego, California where I learned Spanish as a widely-used language in my community. However, I fell in love with this language while living in Mexico and subsequently while teaching Spanish for the past 7 years. 

Starting in high school, I taught my peers and adults Spanish when it became apparent that I had a gift for languages. In my studies of diplomacy and Latin-American history and culture at Georgetown University, I focused on developing an awareness and appreciation of the interconnectedness of the United States and Mexico. I moved to Mexico and studied for over a year at La Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, where the Spanish language and Mexican culture became part of my essence and spirit. When I returned to Washington, D.C. to study a Master's in Science of Education at Johns Hopkins University, I focused on language acquisition and 21st-Century educational practices.

My career in teaching Spanish began at an embassy in Washington, D.C., leading me to a career in public education in D.C. Public Schools and Guajome Schools in Vista, California. I currently hold teaching credentials in Washington, D.C. and California.  During this time, I have integrated my professional teaching experience and background in diplomacy to small-group Spanish classes through the Community Spanish Program to organizations, multinational companies, and community members. I have always dreamed of launching my program in an online space, knowing that the future of education combines virtual and in-person learning. 

It is an honor to welcome you to the online iteration of this program.